Okay, let me try this again.

Well, fans (I think there are six of you.  Are you there, Mrs. Buck?  Mrs. Lynch?).  I am going to re-commit to this blog now that Denise Stearnes, our new Communications Assistant, has given me a refresher course.  I’m still struggling with the pix.

Basically, all is well in my Archmere world, especially now that scheduling and course changes have passed:  I have come up for air.  This pocket of time between the end of course changes the posting of Q1 report cards represents the least harried time of the year for me.  I embrace it while it lasts:  the pleasing everyday busyness of Archmere life still drives the day, but there is something a little more manageable about right now year versus March – September, August, with its multitude of varied tasks, being the most challenging.  Still, I enjoy it all;  my tasks, even when focusing on minutiae, contribute to the overall functioning of the school.  So there’s that.

Overall, schedules turned out well:  one of my goals since I took this position has been to reduce the number of course changes during drop/add week during our second cycle of classes; the number of changes has dropped by 50% since 2011-12 school year.  This is good, so good.

The next big thing for me is the musical.  With expert help from David Ifkovits (music) Damian Demnicki (set), and Dorothy Brown (choreograhy), I will be directing Fiddler on the Roof.  Auditions for the show are Monday and Tuesday, November 17 and 18, respectively.  The show runs Thursday-Saturday, February 26-28.   Look for the Thursday night Charity Soup Bowl event again…more on that as it approaches.

Actually, before THAT is the fall play, Teach Me How to Cry, directed by Mr. Manelski.  From what I’ve heard, not only are the actors doing a great job, but there is the promise of very interesting costume, set, and make-up designs.  It’s a must-see.

Actually, I lied.  My next big thing is Archmere Night School!  It’s happening the Tuesday and Thursday nights (November 11 and 13) after the fall play:  one-night classes taught by Mr. Levine, Ms. Waldman, Mr. Jordan, Mr. Manelski, Mrs. Hoffman, Mr. Burdziak, and I…and still more.  You can sign up right here or click on the Archmere Night School box under Resources on your parent page of this website.  Check out the offerings and spread the word.

Ok, that’s enough for me..for now.  I will try to be more vigilant about posting.

Happy Homecoming!

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