Parking Registration 2018-2019

Beginning August 1 Seniors will be able to register for parking on campus – only seniors. Seniors will have 10 days to complete the online form – which I will send to Senior students on August 1.  ALL SENIORS WHO REGISTER ARE GUARANTEED A PERMIT – IF THEY REGISTER DURING THIS PERIOD.  If you can not drive yet (legally or matter-of-factly) register anyway and see me when you are legal or able.  You may not park on campus until you have received your permit.
Beginning August 11 all Juniors (who can legally drive alone) may begin to register for parking.  In Delaware newly licensed students operate under a “Level One Learners Permit” for six months and may only drive with a parent or supervisor present.  This period must expire before January to register at this time.   If you can not drive without a parent until a time after January you will register during the Winter Parking Registration.
As usual only students with permits may park on campus.  Once registered you will receive a confirmation email.  After that you may purchase a permit from the Main Office.  I will confirm the date you may begin to purchase permits from the Main Office and the price when I send out the registration link on August 1.
Additionally, we are exploring incentives to encourage students to commit to car-pooling with other potential parkers to reduce cars on campus.

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