Saint Monica and her son, Saint Augustine.

Saint Monica and her son, Saint Augustine.

Today’s Word:

“Nothing is Far from God.”

On This Date…

On August 27, 387, Saint Monica died in Ostia, the seaport of Rome, at age 65, after an illness of nine days. She had two sons and a daughter. Saint Augustine was her oldest child, and she had prayed for his conversion since he was 16 years old. Augustine was baptized in 387 at age 32, along with his own 16 year old son, Adeodatus. Saint Monica was present and was overjoyed at the baptisms of her son and grandson; both Augustine and Adeodatus were with Monica when she died.

On August 27, 1910 Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India was born in Yugoslavia. She entered the convent in Ireland at age 18 and that same year went as a missionary to India where she first taught high school and later became principal of a girls’ academy; she served in India until her death in 1997.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Saint Monica’s last words to Augustine were, “Nothing is far from God,” words Mr. Gabriel posted today on the Oratory screen. Through the lives of Saint Monica and Mother Teresa we know that “nothing is far from God.”

– Father McLaughlin

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