Lower Your Nets

Today’s Word:

“Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch” (Luke 5:4)

On This Date…

On February 17, 1178, Norbertine Bishop Evermode died Unknownin Ratzeburg, Germany at age 78. He was born in Belgium and was 20 years old when he met Saint Norbert and joined the new community in France in 1120. From that time he accompanied Saint Norbert on all of his journeys, became Norbert’s closest friend, and was with Saint Norbert when he died on June 6, 1134 in Magdeburg, Germany. In 1138 Evermode became head of the Norbertine community in Magdeburg. In 1154 he became bishop of Ratzeburg, known for his zeal and justice. He interceded for prisoners who were badly treated, welcoming them to Mass and freeing them from chains.

This year a Norbertine seminarian in California painted a picture of Saint Norbert, with Saint Evermode to his left holding in his cupped hands a pool of his tears shed at the death of Saint Norbert. On this Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, we are inspired by the zeal of Saint Evermode to “Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch”, Jesus’ words in today’s Gospel.

– Father McLaughlin

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