Homelike Spirit

Today’s Word:

“You will be given at that moment what you are to say” (Matthew 10:19)

On This Date…

On July 8, 1963 Mrs. Helena Raskob, died in Tuscon, AZ at age 78 (born 11/30/1884). She and her husband, John, moved to Archmere on August 1, 1910 with four children. An additional nine children were born at Archmere. In 1921 Mrs. Raskob wrote these words: “And so Archmere (The Patio) is now a beautiful dream come true. But the greatest charm, aside from the voices of the children, is the homelike spirit which has been fostered within its walls.”

In today’s Gospel Jesus says, “You will be given at that moment what you are to say”. Mrs. Raskob spoke eloquently about Archmere’s “children” and “homelike spirit.”

– Father McLaughlin

John and Helena Raskob

John and Helena Raskob

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