Helping Others

On This Date…

On  September 28, 1932, Archmere’s Mothers Guild was organized. According to Archmere’s first yearbook (1935 Keystone), the purpose of the Mothers Guild “is to better the school in every way that it is able.”

On September 28, 1898, Abbot Pennings opened Saint Norbert Priory in West DePere, Wisconsin, the home of the future Saint Norbert College and Abbey.

On September 28, 1929, the 21 year old “Good King Wenceslaus,” about whom we sing at Christmas for his kindness to the poor, was killed on his way to Mass, by his own brother; his last words were, “May God forgive you, brother.”

On September 28, 1978, Pope John Paul I died in Rome at age 65, after just 33 days as pope; he was known for his joy, holiness, and simple goodness.

Inspired by Archmere’s mothers, present and past, and Abbot Pennings, Good King Wenceslaus and Pope John Paul I, we help others in every way that we are able.


– Father McLaughlin