Moved With Pity

Today’s Word:

Jesus is “moved with pity” for a leper. (Mark 1:41)

On This Date…

Saint Godfrey

Saint Godfrey

January 14 is the feast day of Norbertine Saint Godfrey. He was born into wealth and nobility in 1097, and married his wife, Jutta, in his early 20’s. Godfrey met Saint Norbert in 1121 in Cologne, Germany and was immediately inspired by Norbert’s life and preaching. Saint Norbert professed vows on December 25, 1121 and Godfrey handed over his castle to Norbert on May 31, 1122; it was the first Norbertine monastery in Germany. Godfrey and Jutta became Norbertines as did Godfrey’s younger brother. They cared for the poor and the sick in the hospital attached to the castle. Godfrey died on January 13, 1127.

In today’s Gospel Jesus is “moved with pity” for a leper. Like Jesus, Saint Godfrey had pity on the sick and the poor, a model for us in this “Year of Mercy.”

– Father McLaughlin