The Lord’s Hand

Today’s Word:

“Your right hand saves me, O Lord” (Psalm 138:7c)

On This Date…


Brother Roger Schutz

On May 12, 1915, Roger Schutz was born in Switzerland. In 1940, as Word War II overtook Europe, Roger, by then a minister of the Swiss reformed Church, settled in the village of Taize in France where he and some companions were soon sheltering Jewish refugees.

After the war they cared for orphaned children and German prisoners of war. On Easter Sunday in 1949, Roger and six members of his community made a formal commitment to live a life of community, celibacy, and simplicity, devoted to peace and justice. Pope John XXIII invited Brother Roger and his community to attend Vatican Council II. Brother Roger died on August 16, 2005 at age 90, killed during a prayer service at Taize.

Brother Roger lived today’s psalm response: “Your right hand saves me, O Lord”.

– Father McLaughlin