Pray Urgently For World Peace

Today’s Word:

“If you ask anything in my name, I will do it” (John 14:14)

On This Date…

On May 13, 1917 the Blessed Mother appeared to three children (ages 10, 9, 7) at Fatima, Portugal; she appeared a total of six times, asking the children to pray for conversion, repentance and world peace. World War I was being fought from 1914 to 1918.

On May 13, 1963, Father Michael McLaughlin, O.Praem., Archmere Class of 1938, died of cancer at age 42 – the first member of Daylesford to die; he is buried at Daylesford Abbey. He had taught math at Bishop Neumann High School.

On May 13, 1981 Pope John Paul II was shot in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome; after he recovered the pope met with the man who shot him, forgave him, and made peace.

On May 13, 2000 Pope John Paul II went to Fatima to beatify two of the children to whom the Blessed Mother had appeared in 1917: Francisco who died in 1919 at age 11, and Jacinta who died in 1920 at age 10; both died of influenza.

On May 13, 2017, earlier today, Pope Francis canonized Francisco and Jacinta at Fatima, saying, “We declare the blissful Francisco Marto and Jacinta Marto saints.” The two were brother and sister.

In today’s Gospel Jesus says, “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it”. Inspired by Francisco and Jacinta, let us pray urgently for world peace.

– Father McLaughlin

“Whatever you did to one of these least of mine, you did for me”

Today’s Word:

“Whatever you did to one of these least of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40)

On This Date…

On November 11, 397 Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours, France, was buried, having died on November 8th at age 81. He became a soldier at 15, was baptized a Catholic Christian at 18, and , after leaving the army he became a monk, a priest, and bishop. When he was 17 he cut his military cloak in half, to give one half to a beggar who was cold.


Beau Biden ’87

On November 11, 1918 the armistice was signed ending World War I, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. During the First World War 8,538,315 armed forces were killed, including 126,000 Americans. The name “Armistice Day” was changed in 1954 to “Veterans Day” to honor all those, living and deceased, who have served in the military. According to today’s News Journal, Delaware’s new National Guard headquarters in New Castle will be named in honor of the late Joseph R. (Beau) Biden, III ’87, who served in Iraq with the Delaware National Guard.

On November 11, 1989 Father Justin Diny, O.Praem., Archmere’s 4th headmaster, died in Sacred Heart Hospital in Chester, PA at age 77, after suffering a heart attack in The Patio during Mass. Father Diny served at Archmere for 51 years (1937-1944, 1946-1989).

In today’s Gospel Jesus said, “Whatever you did to one of these least of mine, you did for me” – so true of Saint Martin, Father Diny, and Beau Biden.

– Father McLaughlin

What Matters to God

Today’s Word:

“…rich in what matters to God” (Luke 12:21)

On This Date…

At noon on Monday, October 20, 1924, Father James Kern, O.Praem., died during surgery in Austria at age 27. He was shot at age 19 while serving in the army during World War I. He was discharged from the army at age 20 and joined the Norbertines; he was ordained in 1922 at age 25. The following year he had surgery again on his war wound, and during his recuperation ministered to many sick people. He said, “The believer knows that suffering is a difficult path but that it ends up in bright light and warmth which awaits us on the other side of the grave.” When his body was exhumed in 1956 his right hand, which he used to bless people, was found incorrupt.

Pope Saint John Paul II beatified Father James in Vienna, Austria on June 21, 1998, encouraging all to follow this “hero of the Church.” Father James Kern was, as Jesus said in today’s Gospel, “rich in what matters to God”.

– Father McLaughlin


Blessed James Kern