Second Quarter Update, December 2014

Dear Members of the Archmere Community:

The following initiatives were completed or begun in the last quarter of the year to advance the goals of the 2012 Strategic Plan for Archmere. I am happy to share progress in several of the Plan’s focus areas, made possible by the consistent efforts and support of dedicated Archmere community members.


On December 8, 2014, the three-art icon entitled “Communion of Saints” was blessed at the all-school Mass for the feast day.  The icon was installed in the Immaculate Conception Oratory located in Saint Norbert Hall.

On Tuesday, October 8, after the recitation of the Rosary in the Garden sponsored by the Mothers’ Guild, Father McLaughlin blessed the first phase of the outdoor art glass installation created by art teacher Jody Hoffman and several art students. The subject, the Fibonacci Spiral, symbolizes the perfection of God found in nature.

The Mission and Heritage Committee, as well as the Theology Department staff, discussed the results of the NCEA ACRE testing of Freshmen and Juniors. The results were positive, and pointed out areas of curriculum that could be enhanced.

The administration reviewed the Saint Norbert Leadership Corps program, as well as solicited interest from the student body. As a result, the program will be offered again this June 8-12 at Saint Norbert College.

This Fall, a summer pilgrimage/study abroad program for students was developed and presented to the students. Mr. Tim Dougherty finalized arrangements for a 10-day program in France, staying for a good part of the trip at Mondaye Abbey. While there was considerable initial interest from the students, there were not enough students registered to make the trip viable for this June. Plans are to review the program and present another opportunity for 2016.

Additionally, the community service coordinator developed a list of community service commitments that were presented and discussed at the Mission and Heritage Committee meeting in November. Discussion took place on the level of commitment for each activity, as well as potential to establish priorities around activities.

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Academic Excellence

During the first semester, teachers made arrangements to visit each other’s classrooms to observe different teaching methodologies and strategies for professional conversation and growth.

The College and Work Readiness Assessment was administered to 141 freshmen in October. The results of this assessment were sent to the Academy by the Council for Aid to Education, which will be used as baseline data in determining how skills-based learning strategies can enhance student performance over the students’ four years at Archmere.

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Alumni Engagement

This Fall we implemented a survey to hear what is on the minds of alumni.

In addition, we began a redesign of the website to ensure readability and easy access to information. The new site will take into account the changing trends in how people receive information and become engaged.

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