Fourth Quarter Update – July 2016

Dear Members of the Archmere Community:

We have now completed another fiscal year, and are looking to implement action plans related to the goals of our five-year Strategic Plan, which will be completed in the coming year. Consequently, one of our major action items is a conversation with the members of the Board of Trustees and administration about the format and contact of a new strategic plan for the Academy, which would begin in the fall of 2017.

Looking back on the last quarter, the following is a summary of activity related to the action plans:


  • Developed a plan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the construction of The Patio at Archmere [(1916-1918) – (2016-2018)] to begin in the fall of 2016.
  • Developed more engagement from Kairos retreatants in the weeks and months following the retreat, with a reunion of retreatants in May that included Mass and dinner.
  • Continuing to expand student input and participation in the liturgical seasons and events of the school year.

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Academic Excellence

  • Analyzed CWRA+ results of the Freshman Class of 2018 with department chairs.
  • Successfully conducted a self-study process and coordinated a visit by the team of evaluators for Reaccreditation by the Middle States Association. The process included stated goals set by the administration and faculty around three areas:
    • A focus on students’ ability to utilize and apply critical thinking skills including scientific and quantitative reasoning, critical reading and evaluation, and critiquing an argument.
    • A focus on student behavior that demonstrates an increased awareness in four areas: social media/bullying, alcohol use/abuse, mental health issues, and teenage sexual activity.
    • A focus on developing curriculum maps to assure continued curriculum alignment and to help in developing new curricula.

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Attracting and Retaining the Best Students

  • Discussions with various members of the Archmere community continue around student diversity and student body composition.
  • Expanded the responsibilities and vision of the admissions function to include enrollment management, with strategies around student retention, marketing research, and marketing, in addition to admissions.

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Alumni Engagement

  • Enhanced alumni pages of Archmere Academy website and implemented a blog and Instagram account to enhance connections with geographically removed alumni.
  • Held regional gatherings of alumni in New York City and Los Angeles.
  • Decreased the number of alumni from the classes of 1990 through 2009 who “share” mailing addresses with their parents in our database so that we can be more effective in communicating directly and keeping in touch with alumni.

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Financial Sustainability

  • Announced the public phase of the Comprehensive Campaign for Archmere, with a $12.5 million goal, comprised of $8.5 million goal for the renovation of Saint Norbert Hall, $2.5 million to add to endowment, and $1.5 million over two fiscal years – last year and this year – to support the Archmere Fund.

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There is always much activity going on within the Archmere community. It is an exciting time for the Academy, and I continue to be grateful for all the support and help everyone has given to us.