First Quarter Update – October 2016

Dear Members of the Archmere Community:

We are in the last year of the five-year Strategic Plan for Archmere. Over the last four years, much has been accomplished. Many of the action plans – approximately 245 – have been completed, some as originally planned and others with some variation to accommodate research we have gained on the various subjects along the way. In our last year the administrative team of the Academy is working on approximately 50 different plans, all with overarching goals related to the five focus areas of the Plan: Mission, Students, Faculty and Staff, Alumni, and Financial Sustainability.

Summarizing the last quarter, the following list of projects have been either initiated or have been sustained:


  • Saint Norbert Leadership Corp
  • 2016 Heritage Tour
  • Apostles of Peace (A student group on campus led by Fr. John Zagarella, O.Praem.)
  • Theology Unit for all Freshmen on Saint Norbert, the Norbertine Community and Archmere history
  • Continued collaborations with Daylesford Abbey
  • Student Engagement in Prayer and Masses
  • Patio 100th Anniversary celebration plans

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Academic Excellence

  • Teacher understanding of CWRA+ testing data
  • Discussion of ACRE testing and review
  • Student heath and wellness initiative, developing curriculum, assembly programs, and counseling programs around these issues
  • Developing a rubric for a curriculum mapping process
  • Developed safety/security/emergency response procedures in newly renovated spaces

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Attracting and Retaining the Best Students

  • Conducted marketing research and data gathering for potential future enrollment
  • Analyzed strategies to manage enrollment
  • Restructured focus of the Admissions Office with the appointment of a new Director of Admission and Enrollment
  • Developed strategies around orientation of new students and retention of students
  • Researched firms to identify international students for potential admission
  • Updated the web site, including information and navigation

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Alumni Engagement

  • On-going year-long focus on engaging younger alumni in programs, activities, and fund raising for Archmere
  • Inaugurated the Norbert Award, recognizing individuals for exceptional achievements
  • Developed a formal networking/career connect between alumni and between alumni and current students investigating various colleges and careers
  • On-going process of improving contact information. The Academy does not have contact information for 240 alumni of 6002 living alumni – four percent – a significant improvement in data accuracy over the last five years

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Financial Sustainability

  • Continuing with the public phase of the Comprehensive Campaign for Archmere that has an overall goal of $12.5 million
  • A little over $5 million has been raised to date against an $8.5 million goals for the Saint Norbert Hall renovation project, which is finishing on budget
  • Approximately $1.9 million has been raised for Endowment, against a goal of $2.5 million
  • Over the last two fiscal years, $1.6 million has been pledged and/or received in gifts for the Archmere Fund, which had a goal of $1.5 million
  • Investigating models and approaches to the development of a new Strategic Plan

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The most urgent and timely project is the completion of the Comprehensive Campaign. We are looking for strong participation from all of the members of our Archmere community, so that, when we approach foundations for the second time in the Fall of 2017, we can present a strong case for support of our projects, citing the level of participation from our parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, board, faculty and staff. We are proud to say that we have had 100 percent participation from our Board of Trustees and faculty and staff.

We continue to be grateful for all of the support Archmere receives from so many people. Without your help, we would not be able to offer the programs or the opportunities for our students.