Read the goals for each of The Plan’s five key areas:

1. Our Unique Mission

2. Motivated & Talented Students

3. Excellent Teachers & Staff

4. Alumni Engagement

5. Financial Sustainability

Unique Mission Statement

To remain faithful to articulating, living and promoting its mission, Archmere will:

  1. Ensure that Archmere’s mission is reflected in the design of academic and extracurricular programs
  2. Nurture and expand faculty and staff members’ understanding and value of the mission and heritage through the evaluation and creation of mission- infused practices, supported by Archmere’s sponsoring community, Daylesford Abbey, a Catholic community of Nobertine priests and brothers
  3. Attract and retain students of all faiths who will contribute to the strength and growth of the Archmere community
  4. Ensure that Archmere’s internal and external communications reflect the school’s unique mission, creating a virtual community that fosters dialogue
  5. Enhance the campus with visual reminders and inspirational artwork and spaces that speak to Archmere’s mission

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Motivated & Talented Students

To attract and advance motivated and talented students, Archmere will:

  1. Develop and employ both traditional and innovative methods to best educate the Archmere student in a broad range of disciplines and interests
  2. Enhance the curriculum to strengthen student core competencies of analytical and creative thinking and problem solving, complex communication, collaborative teamwork, global perspective and ethical decision making
  3. Broaden the aspects of curriculum designed to foster creativity through teaching the visual and performing arts, further integrating them through interdisciplinary programming
  4. Broaden faculty professional development to increase creative, interdisciplinary and team project course work for students, strengthen faculty leadership and technology skills and provide personal experiences that enhance the communication of Archmere’s mission
  5. Prepare students to succeed in college with a mastery of skills that include the ability to: work collaboratively as both a leader and a team member; excel in communicating and problem solving; demonstrate a command of technology and media; make wise decisions grounded in informed ethics and demonstrate knowledge about traditional and emerging topics across all disciplines

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Excellent Teachers & Staff

To accomplish these objectives, Archmere will:

  1. Foster and support professional development of its faculty to sustain an academic learning community culture and to promote excellence in Archmere’s academic programs
  2. Expand teacher and staff member evaluation processes to ensure professional growth, as well as enhanced performance
  3. Review faculty and staff compensation policies and procedures to ensure that they are consistent with Archmere’s mission, competitive in the marketplace and successful in attracting and retaining excellent people

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Alumni Engagement

To deepen its engagement with its alumni, Archmere will:

  1. Engage a broader base of alumni by offering greater opportunities for participation through the Alumni Association and school-sponsored initiatives and by connecting with them through a virtual community
  2. Refine communications to meet the individual expectations and preferences of its alumni
  3. Enhance, broaden and diversify on-campus and off-campus activities and events for alumni

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Financial Sustainability

To accomplish these objectives, Archmere will:

  1. Maintain a balanced budget based on revenues from tuition and non-tuition sources and prioritization of expenditures
  2. Maintain a school size that responds to the needs of the community and sustains the high program standards of the Academy
  3. Focus its efforts on feasible capital projects that enhance programs and the utility of the campus, while preserving its unique character as part of Archmere’s history
  4. Develop a culture of philanthropy among the key constituencies of the Archmere community to enhance annual giving support; to raise funds for capital needs; and to offer a variety of giving strategies, including planned gifts
  5. Grow the endowment to support scholarship and financial assistance, faculty and staff professional development and campus maintenance projects
  6. Pursue opportunities to generate revenues from sources other than tuition to reduce reliance on annual tuition increases

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