Class of 2018 Commencement Weekend Information

Advance Preparations

The following preparations must be done in the fall so that the items can be produced, reviewed, and any items that need correction can be re-ordered. Please pay careful attention to the deadlines.

I. Diploma Name Review

Families will be asked in the fall to review the name that will be placed on the diploma and the diploma case as well as any awards received at graduation. This form will be sent to parents via the email address in our database. Archmere recommends that the diploma display the student’s full first, middle, and last name to maintain consistency with records. The Diploma Name Review Form will be sent to families IS DUE TO BE COMPLETED BY DECEMBER 15.

II. Announcement Orders taken

Families have the option of ordering an Archmere designed graduation announcement to send to family and friends formally announcing this milestone event. Jostens produces these announcements and orders are taken through the school if you so desire. Order forms will arrive to the Main Office IN EARLY OCTOBER.  Josten representatives will be at lunches on DECEMBER 11 to accept orders.  All other orders are due to the Main Office by DECEMBER 11.

III. Cap and Gown Measurements

Graduating seniors wear a green gown with a cap at graduation. Additionally honor collars earned will be worn also. Students will complete the Cap and Gown Measurement Online form in December. Gowns will be distributed at Graduation Practice during Commencement Week. Cap and Gown measurements will be taken in EARLY DECEMBER.


Spring Preparations

I. Commencement Ticket Requests & Distribution

Each family will receive A SET NUMBER of tickets for Commencement Exercises to be held on June 3, 2018. Two of these tickets are for reserved seating, which is in the middle of the Performing Arts Center to ensure every family has a good view of their graduating senior. The other tickets are for general seating sections which are on the side and the balcony; still pretty good seats! Additionally the ceremony will broadcast live in the Student Life Center for additional viewing opportunity.

If you would like to request an extra ticket for the ceremony you may do so using the Online Extra Ticket Request Form, which will be sent to families via email on IN EARLY APRIL. These are distributed one at a time, first come – first served until all extra tickets are gone. I will try to ensure all requests are given at least one extra ticket but that will depend on the number of requests made.

Also, underclassmen siblings of seniors may volunteer to assist at the ceremony and will not need a ticket to attend if they do so as they will view the ceremony from the back of the Performing Arts Center or as an attendant on stage.

II. Graduation Requirements

As the second semester begins it will be helpful to know in advance that School policy requires seniors to pass all courses in the second semester of the year in order to receive a diploma. This applies to electives as well as required courses. Any senior who fails a course, may participate in the Commencement, but will receive a blank diploma case. Seniors should check with Mr. Jordan to be sure all academic requirements have been completed and all library books have been returned.

Also please check with Mrs. Smigielski in the Business Office (EXT: 779) to be sure all accounts are settled, including, outstanding locker fees, library, cafeteria and graduation fees. And finally, all detentions must be completed. Any unfulfilled obligations will result in the student receiving a blank diploma case and the diploma later upon fulfilling these obligations.


Commencement Week

 This is the week leading up to Commencement Weekend and consists of the final experiences our seniors will share as a class before becoming alumni.

I. The Senior Retreat

The Senior Retreat will take place THE LAST WEEK OF MAY.   Students should plan on being on retreat until 2:30 pm. This is one of the final activities the seniors will share as a class and is a truly wonderful experience. Mr. Panagakos organizes the retreat and further details concerning the day will be sent out in the spring as we move closer to the date.

II. Commencement Practice AND The College Transition Program

The College Transition Program and Commencement Practice will take place on Friday June 1, 2018 in the Performing Arts Center. Archmere will welcome a guest speaker from a local college or university to speak with both with parents and then students about the transition from high school to college.  Parents will be welcomed from 8:00 to 10:00 and then students will be required to attend at 10:30.  In addition to the speaker, for the parents we will welcome back other past parents for a panel to share what they’ve learned and for the students you’ll have a final farewell from your Counselors and a video from Archmere alumni with their advice and well wishes.

Graduation Practice will begin PROMPTLY AT 12:30.  This will last for approximately one hour and attendance is mandatory for graduating seniors and underclassmen helpers. Any senior who misses this practice must have given advanced notice and received permission to be absent. Unexcused absence from practice may result in the senior not receiving a diploma at graduation.  Helpers who do not attend will not be permitted to help on Sunday at Graduation and will need a ticket to attend.

To recap: seniors must be present in the theater from 10:30-1:30 on Friday June 1, 2018.  If you are going to miss one of these events Mr. Nowaczyk must be contacted in advance to be able to participate in Commencement Exercises.

III. Baccalaureate Mass

Baccalaureate Mass will take place Saturday June 2 at 5:00 PM in the Performing Arts Center. Seating is open and several awards will be presented after Mass. Attendance is required for seniors as part of the Commencement Exercise. You are welcome to invite family members to the Mass and ceremony, which should last about an hour and fifteen minutes. No tickets are needed for the Baccalaureate, but seating is limited, as the senior class will occupy 135 seats. The seniors will sit as a class for the Mass and will be expected to arrive in the SLC by 4:30 PM. Attendance is mandatory for the seniors. Any senior who does not participate in the Baccalaureate Mass will not be permitted to participate in the Commencement Exercises. Please contact Mr. Nowaczyk in advance if there is a conflict.

Seniors should dress in their Sunday best: coats and ties for the gentlemen and appropriate dress or skirt for the ladies.

 A reception in the Patio will follow for all guests.

IV. Commencement Exercises

TICKETS: Tickets will be needed for admission to the Commencement Ceremony in the Performing Arts Center. Tickets are issued to each family; X General Admission Tickets along with two Reserved Tickets (middle of the theater). No one will be admitted to the Commencement Ceremony without a ticket.

SEATING: As far as seating goes, I strongly advise you not to use the balcony for seating the elderly. The steps are narrow and the rows of seats are less spacious. It is better to seat elderly members of your families on the main floor of the theater. Seating is available on a first come first serve basis, in both the reserved and general sections. If there are concerns you may have regarding seating please contact Mr. Nowaczyk in advance.

As such, we do not condone the practice of early arrivals reserving rows or seats for others. Parents should feel free to ignore any attempt to save a seat for someone not yet present. The Performing Arts Center will open at 12:00 PM. We ask that you not enter the theater prior to that time. Seniors are to report to the Band Room in St. Norbert Hall at that time

PARKING:   Parking will be limited on campus and we urge all visitors carpool as much as possible.   Guests requiring handicapped parking should use the first entrance on Manor Ave., Gate A. All other vehicles should use the lower entrance to the Main Lot, which is Gate B.  Seniors will be asked to park in the baseball outfield.  There is parking off-campus as well.  Please mind our neighbors and restricted areas on Manor Ave in order to prevent any inconveniences, such as being towed. As always we highly recommend carpooling.

EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENTS: Graduation is a ceremony filled with a rich tradition that is most impressive. We expect all seniors to act in a manner befitting the solemnity of the occasion. Boys must be properly dressed, with a dress shirt and tie. Dress shoes and socks must also be worn. Hair must be neatly groomed and trimmed. No facial hair or earrings are permitted. We remind senior girls that the gowns of graduation are hunter green. As such, we suggest the wearing of a light color dress or outfit to compliment the gown. Excessive jewelry or loud makeup is prohibited. While dress shoes are preferred, dress sandals with backs will be permitted. Flip-flops, sneakers, boots, or backless shoes of any kind are not permitted. Lessening the dignity of the ceremony by either improper dress or inappropriate behavior will result in your child receiving a diploma privately.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns as we move close to Commencement Weekend.

Best Regards,

Mr. Robert Nowaczyk