The Archmere Academy Dress Code

The Dress Code Guide Quick Reference

The linked pdf below is a simplified explanation our dress code for quick reference.  The complete dress code guidelines can be found in the Archmere Academy Student Handbook.

Dress Code Guide

The Spirit of the Dress Code

Students are to be dressed neatly and modestly at all times whether in formal dress code, informal dress code, or tag day attire.  When the uniform is worn it must be worn properly at all times.  After 4:00 pm on school days students may wear tag day appropriate attire on campus.

The Formal Dress Code

When: Must be worn the Tuesday after Homecoming until May 1 though it can always be worn.

Boys: Blue or White Oxford (buttoned at top and worn tucked in), tie, belt, navy blue or tan dress khakis, black or brown dress shoes (see styles below).  Uniform sweater or fleece.  Hooded or non-hooded sweatshirts may not be worn at anytime anywhere on campus.  Students may wear a zip-up or button-down jacket outside.

Clean-shaven with neat hair is required.  No earrings or visible tattoos.

Girls: Blue or White Oxford (may have top button unfastened and worn tucked in), navy blue or tan dress khakis or the uniform skort worn at a length exceeding the fingertips and may not be rolled at the waist.  Dress shoes (see styles below).  Uniform sweater or fleece.  Hooded or non-hooded sweatshirts may not be worn at anytime anywhere on campus.

Modest earrings acceptable.

The Informal Dress Code

When: Worn from the first day of school until Homecoming and after May1.

For both boys and girls the change is that now students may wear the green or white uniform polo shirt rather than the oxford, though they may still wear the oxford.  It must be worn tucked in at all times.  All other aspects of the uniform remain in effect.

Tag Day Dress Code Guidelines

The handbook explains the when and why of tag days.

Students may wear casual attire including shorts (exceeding fingertips), jeans (may have fashionable rips), sweats, yoga pants and tights (worn with long shirt).  Casual shirts may be worn but must cover the entire torso from shoulder to waist.  Sneakers, sandals, slides and flip-flops are allowed.  Students whose attire violates any of the guidelines listed in the handbook will be asked to change before attending classes.

The faculty enforce dress code and their decision in these matters is final.

Acceptable Shoe Styles

Unacceptable Shoe Styles


The Comprehensive Dress Code from the Handbook


Archmere’s uniform reflects the respect we have for learning and the reverence we have for the important work we do each day as students and staff. In achieving these goals, the code reflects a standard of modesty, while maintaining a professional appearance. The student should always be dressed neatly and in the spirit of our school communitys standards. The school reserves the right to define what is the appropriate wearing of the uniform, shoes, makeup, hairstyle, and other accessories. Uniforms may be purchased from Flynn &OHara, by phone, online at or by visiting one of their stores in Exton, Broomall (formerly Drexel Hill) or Clifton Heights, PA. Clothing is to be worn as intended. The Director of Student Life will decide any questions concerning proper attire. Students who are dressed inappropriately may be asked to change prior to attending class.

While Archmere continues to endorse Flynn & OHara products, we are also offering other dress code options. These choices, along with those from Flynn and OHara are listed on the website. Polo shirts, skorts, and sweaters must be purchased through Flynn & OHara.

The spirit of the dress code is as important as the law. Students are expected to exercise good judgment. Extremes in shoes, clothing, hairstyles or makeup are unacceptable. If a violation of the uniform code or its spirit occurs, the student, while receiving points or demerits, and may be restricted to a study hall for the class day. In extreme or repeated cases, students will be sent home.

The uniform must be worn in on campus from 7:30am until 4:00pm. The code is relaxed for extracurricular activities in other buildings and outdoors, though appropriate dress is always required. At 4:00pm, students may change into tag day apparel and must meet the expectations of such dress. Wearing of the uniform shirt unbuttoned or un-tucked or an oxford without a tie is never appropriate. All outer garments, except for the school’s fleece vest and jackets, must be kept in lockers during the school day. Visible tattoos, tongue and body piercing, excessive makeup, and extreme colors and unruly hairstyles are not permitted.

For extracurricular activities such as concerts, athletic contests, proms, dances, athletic and honor recognition nights, students and/or their guests may be denied admission if attire is deemed inappropriate. Students are to dress neatly and appropriately for all school functions. At no time during the school day or at any function in which Archmere participates, may students wear clothing that expresses, advertises, or promotes alcohol, illegal substances, racial, gender, and sexual slurs or innuendoes.

Students who continually violate the dress code will lose the privilege of dressing down during the informal uniform periods and/or tag day privileges.

1. Formal Dress Code for Boys

A white or sky blue oxford is the standard shirt. All oxfords should be plain without any brand emblems or markings. The oxford must be completely buttoned, with the top button concealed by a traditional necktie of the student’s choice. The shirt must be tucked in at all times. Only a plain white tee shirt, without design or writing may be worn as an under shirt.

Dress pants must be khaki or navy with no outside pockets attached. They must be worn to fit at or above the hip;excessively baggy or low hip pants are not permitted. Brown or black dress belt is to be worn with the pants.  Socks are to be worn at all times with dress shoes.  Dress shoes are to be only brown or only black in color and may not have sneaker-like soles.

The optional third piece consists of a conservative sport coat or a navy or hunter green crew neck sweater or navy or hunter green Vneck sweater vest. School fleece jackets and vests are the only permitted outerwear during the winter months. Outerwear is not an acceptable third piece.

Hair must be neatly trimmed and not touch the collar. Extreme colors and unruly hairstyles are not permitted. Beards, mustaches, or other facial growth, ponytails, and sideburns extending below the ear or out onto the cheek, are prohibited. Earrings, visible tattoos, tongue, and visible body piercing are not permitted.

2. Formal Dress Code for Girls

A white or sky blue long sleeved oxford blouse is the standard wear. Both long and short-sleeved oxfords are permissible. All oxfords should be plain without any brand emblems or markings. While the top button of the blouse or oxford may be unfastened, all others must be buttoned. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Only a plain white tee shirt, without design or writing may be worn as an under shirt. If worn, the tee shirt sleeve may not exceed the length of the outer shirt. Dress slacks must be khaki or navy with no outside pockets attached. They must be worn to fit at or above the hip; bellbottomed, baggy, or low hip pants are not permitted. Dress shoes must be brown or black and may not have white sneaker-like soles. Girl are permitted to wear modest earrings on the ears but nowhere else.

Skort Expectations

The uniform twopanel skort may be purchased from Flynn OHara Uniforms. The skort may be worn in the blackwatch plaid or khaki. The skort will be worn one inch from the knees. Enforcement of this guideline is the responsibility of the faculty whose judgment is final. Students who repeatedly violate this expectation will be required to wear the uniform slacks. When wearing a skort, solid navy knee socks may be worn pulled above the shin.  White and black crew socks are not permitted.   

3. Informal Dress Code

During the periods of hot weather students are permitted to wear a more comfortable, informal uniform though expectations of neatness, modesty, and uniformity remain. Students who continually violate the dress code will lose this privilege.

Fall: First week of school until the Monday after Homecoming. Spring: First Day of May until last day of exams.

The Archmere polo shirt, the green or white polo shirt provided by Flynn and OHara, or a white or sky blue short– sleeved shirt with a tie may be worn. Students who opt not to wear the Archmere or Flynn and OHara polo shirts or the uniformed short-sleeved shirts must follow the formal dress code during these seasons. Long sleeved shirts may not be worn under the polo or short-sleeved shirts. If worn, the tee shirt sleeve may not exceed the length of the

outer shirt. The polo shirt must be worn tucked in the pants or skirt. Wearing of shirts too short to tuck may result in a loss of informal dress privileges.

The pants/skorts requirements remain the same during the informal dress code for both boys and girls.

4.Tag Day Dress Guidelines

Occasionally students will have Tag Day fundraisers to benefit local charities and causes during which students can purchase a tag” for $2.00 and dress out of uniform for that day. On these days a certain level of decorum, neatness, and modesty is necessary. It is with these ideas in mind that students may wear attire that meets the following standards:


Jeans, Slacks, Khaki style Shorts, Skirts, Capris: students may wear these so long as they are neat and modest in appearance. All shorts or skirts worn by students on tag days must clearly exceed the fingertips in length.  Students who wear shorts/skirts that are not in accordance with this expectation will be asked to change.  Students may wear athletic style pants (sweatpants) or shorts, yoga pants, or spandex. Students wearing yoga or athletic pants or other tight-fitting pants must wear a long shirt/sweater/sweatshirt which exceeds the fingertips in length.

Students may wear casual style shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters. Shirts must also be neat and modest in appearance. Sleeveless, spaghetti straps, shirts that expose the middrift or are deemed excessively tight or revealing may not be worn. Clothing may not have slogans or images that are contrary to the mission or values of the school (vulgarity, alcohol, drugs, violent, or insensitive (ex Communist symbols, Swastika)).

Casual shoes may be worn, such as sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, and boots.

Some elements of dress may never be worn. This includes tank tops, hats, sunglasses, and hoods.

It is the responsibility of the faculty to evaluate dress each day and therefore the judgment of faculty in terms of neatness and modesty is final in these matters.