…It’s All Going To The Cloud

Google Docs announced yesterday that it now supports editing Microsoft Office files through their cloud-based platform:

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Which reminded me of this:


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So many options these days, still the question remains –

Where exactly is this “Cloud,” and how does it work again?

Oh, technology.

Archmere Students Design Phone App for Natural Disasters

An app imagined by a team of students from Archmere Academy won “Best in State” in the Verizon Innovative App Challenge. Led by Archmere Computer Science teacher Jared Campbell, this team of students, comprised of Christian Kraft ’15, Gregory McCord ’16, Joseph Spall ’16, Andrew Hurst ’15 and Nicholas McIntyre ’15, developed the concept for a mobile application they call coNextGen, which helps individuals locate family members and friends in the event of a natural disaster.

Check out their team entry video below:

Teacher’s Guides To [Enter Any Technology] …Plus A Short Video

Yesterday I came across a very useful page on Edudemic that has aggregated, summarized, and linked several teacher guides on how to effectively combine technology and learning. The guide topics range from social media platforms such as Twitter to more general subjects like Keeping Students Safe Online.

It’s a solid resource for teachers and parents alike. Plus, at the bottom of the page there is a link to a great supplementary article, 11 Note-Taking Tips For The Digital Classroom.

If the idea of education is to prepare students for constructive adulthood, educators then need to learn how to properly integrate technology into curriculum so that students develop skills that are applicable in today’s fast-moving world.

Educational researcher Dr. Sugata Mitra briefly touches on this topic: