50 Tech Tools Every Teacher Should Know About

I hope everyone has had a good start to the summer. This is a great article on Edudemic that lists increasingly popular tech tools used by teachers in the classroom:

50 Education Technology Tools Every Teach Should Know About

Also, an exciting tech update! The next iteration of the Mac Operating System (Maverick) will offer the ability to read books created in iBooks Author. The App is free to download via the App Store.


Unfamiliar with the iBooks App? Learn how to create and publish your own book using iBooks Author. Watch the brief tutorial video below to get started.

David Pogue Gives You A Tech License In Under Six Minutes

Everything risky requires a license. …Everything except technology.
– David Pogue

In this TED Talk, Tech columnist David Pogue gives a crash course in useful tech shortcuts – 10 ways to save time doing everyday things on your computer and smartphone. Pogue wastes no time himself, breezing through the list in under 6 minutes.

His suggestions may sound blatantly obvious to the more tech savvy person. But at the very least, Pogue’s humor and enthusiasm is quite entertaining.