Mr. Dougherty, where’s my schedule?

Even though I’m using a new and fairly robust software to create students’ and teachers’ schedules, almost every student schedule requires additional manual adjustment. For instance, if a student couldn’t be scheduled for a particular elective, I search for one that will fit, meaning I might have to move other courses around to provide a full schedule.  Some of these adjustments take two to three minutes, but most take longer, so the entire scheduling process takes time.  I thought I would be able to mail schedules out by this Friday, July 26, but, oh my, no.  No way.  Uh-uh.  Forget it.

To complicate matters…from Sunday (7/28) through Wednesday (7/31), Misters Jordan, Cocco, Levine, and I will be taking 30+ senior boys on a camping and hiking trip in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.  Fun and important, to be sure.  So I’m cranking on these schedules now and will crank out some more when we return from Virginia.

All I’m saying is that schedules are coming.  If I mailed them out on August 9, that’s still plenty o’ time to know what’s up.  More than true necessity, curiosity drives people’s desire to know their schedules now.  But to keep eveeryone as informed as possible, I will be sending a letter by email this week explaining the upcoming schedules and course changes, etc.

This was the #1 most boring thing I’ve ever written.  Ever.

To compensate, here’s a picture I took of Florence, Italy.

Photo Jul 11, 8 11 42 PM



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