Opening Day is Here!

It’s about time I posted a few words.  Now that schedules are loaded and the website is live, I can kick back–just a bit–to write a little here.

By this point, I hope everyone (students and parents) has taken the time to log in to his or her My Archmere account to see the new pages, linking them to teachers and courses and schedules and more.  It all looks good to me; and with little or no guidance, I think everyone could poke around, click about, and figure things out.  The pages are clean and navigable, intuitive and fast.  We have been looking to do something like this for several years; in fact, I remember discussing teacher pages back in 2008.  I had less gray hair then.  I think I will be offering some webpage training during the upcoming parent nights.

Very quickly, these pages will become part of the Archmere fabric, something as comfortable and positive as the community itself.  They are a one-stop warehouse of all things Archmere.  For parents, having access to the same teacher pages their children see provides a whole new level of oversight.  I need to connect the grade book this week so that everyone can monitor academic progress, too.  Then report cards will follow in October.  My hope is that we stop mailing report cards home; instead, I will grant access to them for a period of time.  Parents and students can print their own on embedded letterhead.  Why waste the paper and the postage, right?  It’s 2013.

What really excites me?  Getting back into the classroom.  I thoroughly enjoy the puzzle of scheduling, but I see myself as a teacher first.  I’ve been teaching since 1982 (first position:  Williamson Jr.-Sr. High School in Tioga, PA) and teaching at Archmere has given me the most satisfaction:  great faculty, wonderful curriculum, demanding standards, supportive community, invested parents, and most of all, truly terrific students.  I might expound on the subject of our students another  day, but, for now, I can say that interacting with Archmere students is always redeeming.

Good luck with your new pages.  Now I’m off to pick out my first-day-of-school clothes.  Always a thrill.

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  1. Heather Debby says:

    Hey Mr. Dougherty! 🙂 Just going for a tour down memory lane! It’s so nice to read your blog–your voice comes through in your writing. Looks like you’ve been up to lots of exciting stuff. Hope you have a wonderful year.

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