Senior Girls Go “Glamping”

Written by: Taylor Tucker ’16

Our Senior Girls’ Camping Trip was an experience unlike any other. For the girls in the Class of 2016, this was such a unique opportunity to bond with each other. My classmates and I opened up to one another; we shared our high school memories and future dreams while we laughed and cried together.

On Wednesday, August 12, the senior girls of the class of 2016 rolled into the student parking lot, suitcases in tow, bound for Cape Henlopen. Dressed in outfits ranging from shorts and T-shirts to printed rompers, we soon donned bright pink “I heart Auks” T-shirts as we gathered around the fountain for a prayer before embarking on our three-day “glamping” trip.


And… we’re off! During the drive down, we jammed to our favorite songs and throwback tunes from our grade school days. So many fun activities awaited us at Youth Camp #3! We relaxed on the beach with morning yoga, sat in silence under the clear night sky watching shooting stars, designed boards with our hopes and dreams for senior year, and bonded during our late night chats. We also shared a few laughs and tears as we reminisced and wondered about the lives ahead of us. Our final night we shared a pizza dinner and embarked on a one-of-a-kind scavenger hunt along the boardwalk in Rehoboth. The following morning we gathered together on the beach and watched the sun rise over the ocean horizon.


On August 14 at 11 am, we said goodbye to Youth Camp #3 and hello to what will be one of the best years of our lives. The three days we spent at Cape Henlopen provided us with the chance to forge and strengthen our friendships that will see us through end of the school year and beyond. Go Lady Auks 2016!

Class of 2018 in the House, the Class of 2019 Just Around the Corner…

Today is the first day of school at Archmere, and the students in the Class of 2018 have officially started their journey!  It seems just like yesterday that these auksome students were in the midst of their admissions and high school selection process – coming for shadow days, taking the Entrance Exam, and interviewing with us.  But here they are, somewhat nervous, slightly overwhelmed, but mostly excited to be starting Archmere.  This Class, the biggest since 1981

at 143 students,  hails from 44 different schools across DE, PA, and NJ.Froshlunchboysfroshlunch

As Drew and I proudly watch our new class as they start, we realize that it is now time to focus on the Class of 2019.  We are so excited to welcome shadow visitors and go to high school nights – we love meeting future Auks!  Please visit our website to sign up for a shadow day  for your student as the days are filling up quickly!  This year we will be limiting the number of shadow visitors to 10 a day to ensure a great day for your student and also to preserve a small class size for our freshmen.  We look forward to seeing your student on campus soon!




Archmere Senior Boys Camping Trip – Auks Really Do Fly Together

At the summit of Old Rag Mountain in picturesque Shenandoah National Park, VA, Archmere’s boys of the Class of 2015 took a group photo before beginning their 4.5 mile hike back to the vans at the foot of the mountain, 3,284 vertical feet below. FRS-sIexAV1Zb8Z-IvvG1G5TtNqTgqbHf3y_F4RJVsg

For the past several years, a few colleagues and I have been taking 30-40 rising senior boys to Shenandoah National Park for a few days of camping and hiking.

We arrived on Sunday August 3 and after unpacking and setting up our tents, completed a short (2 mi) hike to Hawksbill Peak. The peak features some incredible views and the trek upwards always gives the boys a taste of the 8.2 mile loop in store for Day 2.

20140803_154814 2

We returned to camp and the boys worked in groups to build campfires and cook their own dinners – this particular venture met with varying levels of success, but all of our campers did manage to get a fire going and grill some burgers and dogs.  Everyone ate their fill and all was well…

…until around 9pm when it began raining and continued to pour for several hours. Roughly half of our students (as well as 2 teacher chaperones) ended up sleeping in vans due to flooded tents.

Fortunately, the rain did not dampen (see what I did there?) the boys’ spirits for the next day’s hike through the White Oak Canyon Loop – a favorite due to the swimming holes and natural waterslides (pictures forthcoming) at the bottom of the canyon. After a grueling 4 mile trek upwards and back to the vans, the boys were very glad to chow down on fried chicken and french fries. Only the healthiest of food choices on this trip.

Tuesday’s hike to the summit of Old Rag was the central feature of the trip. Old Rag is technically not in Shenandoah National Park and in fact is a 40 min van ride down the mountain and through Sperryville to get to the Old Rag parking lot. From there it is 1.5 miles to the trailhead where we begin the hike.

After a few hours of some grueling switchbacks, we emerged from the dense foliage of the mountain to a large rocky clearing about 3/4 of the way up the mountain. We stopped there for lunch


and looked up and out towards the rocky incline that winds up and around leading to the peak. Universally, the reaction from the boys was, “we’re doing that!?”


The beautiful thing about the rock scramble is that it serves as a microcosm for what the whole trip is really about. The hikers must challenge themselves and rely on one another as they hoist themselves up and around rocks and crevices offering a hand here, a boost there, until they all reach the top of the mountain, exhausted, but having grown in self-knowledge, maturity and confidence.

So too, did the boys arrive back at Archmere Academy on the afternoon of Wednesday August 6, exhausted, and better for it.

Now it’s time to prepare for the August 20th Freshman Orientation. More updates coming soon.

Getting Excited for the 7th Grade Open House!

…And we’re back! With the admissions season now wrapped up for the Class of 2018, Kristin and I have started planning our spring events. The freshman placement tests and spring orientation for the incoming class in May will be here before we know it. But right now, we’re really looking forward to hosting our second annual 7th Grade Open House on Wednesday, April 30th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm!

The Auk Welcomes You! sCFMd19eBSj-914KZ6q-KdEfKJaDZdQVH3lTbSQxtLw

The 7th Grade Open House is an energetic, informative, and entertaining experience. You’ll be welcomed by dozens of cheering Auks as you enter campus from Manor Avenue, then after a short welcome, the students will go on a quick tour in small groups with our students and teachers as the parents stay in the SLC for a brief informational session.

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Everyone then meets over in our Performing Arts Center for a brief concert by our Band and Mastersingers.


Finally, we’ll return to the SLC for a social with food and giveaways. Meet our faculty, ask us questions, and above all, have fun!


Much like the Open House in the fall, we would definitely encourage all those interested in attending to pre-register online.

Hope to see you there!

Go Auks!