Archmere is Thankful for Dedicated Teachers (and Students)!

Mr. Stephen Klinge has been teaching English at Archmere for 30 years.  Below, he comments on why he has dedicated his life’s work to teaching at Archmere. Thank you, Mr. Klinge, for three decades of inspiring and challenging English classes!

Archmere’s a good place for students; it’s also a good place for teachers. I started teaching here in 1984, twenty-three years old and fresh out of grad school. I’d gone to grad school because I wasn’t sure what to do with a college English major. I’d left grad school because I became more interested in teaching than in pursuing the politics of Ph.D.-level academics. I loved literature and liked writing, and I was eager to live in a world where I could share that appreciation with others.

Archmere turned out to be a perfect fit. I found mentors and role-models inside and outside the English department, teachers like Dave Barnard and Pat Appleton and Don Staley, Paul Clemens and Paul Pomeroy and Lou D’Angelo. I found a school with bright students who expected challenges, which meant I had to challenge myself. Or, more appropriately, which meant I could continually challenge myself.

I’m teaching Hamlet now in my junior classes, and I’ve taught it almost every year I’ve been at Archmere. The play still fascinates me, but what I find more exciting now is sharing the experience with bright students encountering it for the first time. And I love talking about good writing, both in literature and in student papers. Although I don’t want to think about the hours I’ve spent grading essays (those hours surely add up to months of my life by now), I believe in the value of what I do, which keeps me going when I resent the time grading all those research papers every year takes. (Note to my students: I wrote “even when I’m resentful of the time” and just revised it, omitting one to be verb and condensing the language. Revision helps. I believe that.)

Archmere’s a good place for a teacher to devote a life to for many of the same reasons it’s a good place for a student to devote four years to. It’s a supportive community that values learning, fosters creativity and promotes excellence. It’s a good place for teachers in part because it’s a good place for students.

And vice versa. – Steve Klinge


Lady Auks climbed the mountain as a family

On November 10, 2014 Archmere Academy’s Varsity Girls’ volleyball team won the state championship after a 28 year drought. They didn’t win because they had a ringer. They didn’t win with power hitters. They won because they worked together as a team, as a family, and because when Auks fly together, they accomplish amazing things. Emily Dentinger, a member of the team, reflects on the win with a week’s worth of retrospect. 


The ball hit the ground.

It wasn’t like in the movies, when a moment of complete silence pervades the gym. It was just noise. So much noise. We had just won the State Championship, and we were screaming.

Looking back on the season, I don’t recall any signs of a championship team. We never spoke of the state title because, frankly, we did not think that we had a shot. Don’t get me wrong- we wanted to win. We just didn’t think we could.

On August 18th, the first day of practice, Coach told us that we had a mountain to climb. That statement meant that a.) the season was going to be a trek, and b.) we should all get on the end line to run a revised suicide, aptly called a ‘mountain.’ Our early practices were filled with high hopes, passionate determination, and, of course, tons of conditioning drills. As the season went on, something became very apparent. Not only did the players realize this, but so the coaches and other teams. We were not the best volleyball players in the state. We were athletic. We had heart. But we didn’t have a hitter that could put the ball away. We didn’t have power.

Attending a school with an extremely rigorous curriculum and extremely high standards taught me, above all things, that I have to acknowledge my weaknesses (and I have to manage my time, but that’s a different story). I have to acknowledge that integrating trig functions and finding the impulse of an elastic collision is not my strong point. I can’t pretend that I know what I’m doing. I can’t fake my way through a class.

That was the attitude of our team. We acknowledged that we had a fundamental weakness in the front row. We knew that we were not as strong as many of our opponents. I strongly believe that our acknowledgement of our weakness was the key to our success. Because we acknowledged this shortcoming, we were able to adapt. We didn’t accept our weakness, we worked through it.

That being said, the real strength of our team wasn’t a skill or a specific player or anything actually volleyball related. Our strength was our commitment to each other and our relationship as a team, both on and off the court. We are Auks. We are family. We trust each other and we need each other. Playing with this group of girls was easy in the sense that we had good chemistry on the court. Archmere is a haven for passionate people. I don’t think I could have asked for any more heart or dedication; each and every player was so invested in and devoted to this team and its success.

I mentioned at the beginning that every player on the team was screaming as the final ball dropped, resulting in our victory. Well fifteen screaming girls doesn’t account for the extremely high decibel level in that gym. Archmere is a family, and it was our family that was screaming from the stands, drowning out any and every other sound. Community isn’t a strong enough word to describe the Auks, it isn’t powerful enough to capture the essence of Archmere. When we didn’t believe that we, as a team, could win the state title, we had 600 fans and friends to believe for us. That is family.

— Emily Dentinger ’15


Why I chose Archmere – One Freshman’s Story

Sometimes choosing the right high school can be a very difficult process. It’s a big step: leaving a school that, for many, has been home for nearly eight years. It is often the biggest decision kids have had the opportunity to make thus far in their lives. This four year commitment to a new place can be simultaneously daunting and empowering.

One of our freshmen, Annie Martino, would like to share with you some of her insights based on her experience last year during the high school admission process as well as why she ultimately chose Archmere.

Dear Prospective Students and Families,

My name is Annie Martino, a freshman at Archmere Academy I would like to share with you my journey to Archmere.

Like most of you, I started with the 7th grade open house and practice exam, then attended the fall 8th grade open house and December’s entrance exam, application, and finally the interview. Then came the hard choice to determine whether Archmere was the right high school for me.

I had applied for numerous schools and all are great schools; I knew I could do well at any of them. The decision was very challenging, and seemed nearly impossible because I was offered a scholarship from each school. So, why did I choose Archmere?

Archmere provides a rigorous education. I believe it prepares students to compete for top universities and to excel in college. The college prep classes are excellent, but we are also challenged by Honors classes and AP classes. I am taking Honors Geometry, Honors English, and Honors Biology. I am also taking Chinese as a core language that will prepare me to travel and be an exchange student in Asia. Even though the program is very challenging, help and support is always just a raise of the hand and an email away.

The top-notch academic program is supported by a state of the art technology infrastructure. The technology allows us to learn and communicate in an efficient and effective way. Whether it’s taking tests online or emailing a teacher in the evening and getting the answers that we need, we are keenly aware of the impact that the technology has on our learning experience. Also, I believe it will position us to be competitive in the global and technological economy.

Archmere provides a well-rounded development with a commitment to service. It provides the opportunities and encourages students to try new things to explore our potential. I just finished my first-ever field hockey season in the Fall! I hope to join the swim team this winter and look forward to playing golf in spring. I am taking Concert Choir as an elective and I look forward to our Christmas concert. I am in various clubs including: academic bowl, forensics, yoga, and Chinese. I also serve as an altar server at Mass and an Auk Ambassador to welcome 7th and 8th grade students to Archmere. I look forward to auditioning for the winter musical, and Mastersingers. Also, I look forward to get involved in our leadership development program, campus ministry, and community services.

Archmere provides a spiritual, supportive, and disciplined environment. Archmere trains us to take responsibility and to be independent. It helps us to form our moral compass, shape core values, and learn to firm up our life’s priorities. I believe that our Archmere education is important to help us find happiness, develop grit, and to achieve success. Our guidance counselor is caring and supportive. I have met him twice already in my short two months at Archmere. We have weekly assemblies and the messages are challenging and inspiring. And I look forward to our annual retreat. I know Archmere will prepare me to venture into the world and make a difference.

Archmere is a welcoming, loving, and fun community. Archmere is my home away from home. My whole family is an integral part of the Archmere community. The Admissions office and the entire school community have worked so hard to welcome me and my family to Archmere. They are so supportive to help students to transition to Archmere to ensure that we are on the path of success. I have met so many friends. I am very grateful for our supportive teachers, coaches, counsellor, and administrators. They have an interest to see us grow to our potential at Archmere and beyond. I know I that I have formed and will form life-long friendships here. I look forward to the many special memories and milestones that I will share with my friends. I am so happy and proud to be a part of the Auks family and Archmere legacy.

The college-like campus provides a serene environment to learn, to relax, and to grow. I enjoy hanging out and having lunch with my friends at the Student Life Center. I always enjoy the walks around the campus. The historic Patio and Manor add beauty and character to every celebration. And we do celebrate here at Archmere! From the Freshmen Orientation Picnic to Homecoming to our school dances to parent mixers, it seems like Archmere is always festive! I am looking forward to my first Christmas at Archmere, which I am sure will be amazing!

I hope you will come to see what an Archmere education could offer. On behalf of the Archmere family, we look forward to meeting and welcoming you to Archmere!

Sincerely yours,
Annie Martino, Class of 2018


Annie Martino ’18, Fall 2014

8th Graders: Join us for Archmere’s Homecoming!

Archmere Homecoming Events!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

2:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Calling all Future Auks! Please join us to celebrate Archmere’s Homecoming. This is a great opportunity to visit campus and to experience student life in action! Archmere students and the Admissions Team will be available to take you to the athletic games, tour campus, and answer your questions.
Meet us at the Student Council and Auk Ambassadors Tent, located between The Patio and the Science Center, near the football field. This is a family friendly event with entertainment such as face painting, arts & crafts, and a moonbounce for younger siblings. Light refreshments will be provided.
We are excited to see you there!

Homecoming Athletic Schedule:

Boys’ Soccer vs. St. Andrew’s School, 2:30 p.m.
Girls’ Field Hockey vs. St. Thomas More, 3:30 p.m.
Football vs. Appoquinimink High School, 4:00 p.m.

 Mass Celebrated by Father McLaughlin – 6 p.m.

All Families Welcome!

Father McLaughlin will celebrate a mass for the Archmere community in the newly renovated Immaculate Conception Oratory, located on the first floor of Saint Norbert Hall.
Questions? Please contact Mrs. Kristin Mumford ’96, Director of Admissions, at 302-798-6632 ext 781 or e-mail