Top 3 Tips for Archmere Shadow Visitors from the Admissions Office

Beginning Monday October 6,  we will start welcoming 8th graders to campus for shadow day visits.  Being an Auk for a day is a great way to check out Archmere students, teachers, and classes first hand!  We know that coming to a new school filled with a bunch of older kids for the day can be a bit nerve-wracking. Hopefully this will help you feel a bit more comfortable when you visit. Check it out!

1.  Be yourself!  We want you to ask questions, participate in class, and enjoy your time with your shadow buddy and other Archmere students. The goal of this day is to determine if Archmere is a good fit for you.  We will match you with a student that you have requested or with a student that has similar academic and extra-curricular interests to you.  You will have a lot to talk about!

2.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes!  We know that dressing for this day can be stressful (especially for the girls).  Keep in mind that you will be moving around our college- like campus a lot during the day, so comfy shoes and appropriately warm clothes are a must!  Remember our students wear a uniform, so no need to impress!  We just ask that you do not wear jeans or sneakers.  Khaki pants, an oxford shirt , and a fleece jacket with loafers is a great option for the guys.  For the girls, pants or a skirt with a sweater and fleece jacket worn with flats or loafers is a great choice.

3.  Eat- Food is everywhere!  We will provide lunch for you in the cafeteria.  There are many great options to choose from, including a salad bar, deli bar, pizza, soup, warm lunch options, and many snacks and goodies.  If you have gluten issues or other allergy conditions, let us know and we can work with your needs.  Also, make sure you take advantage of the many places and offices on campus (for example, Mr. Dougherty’s office, see below) that are always stocked with candy!

Our entire student body and faculty are looking forward to welcoming you, future Auk 2019,  to campus. See you soon!

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Freshman Perspective – Emma Stovicek ’17

With shadow days quickly approaching, we asked Freshman Emma Stovicek to give us her perspective on what it felt like to shadow and how it feels to be a new student at Archmere.  Shadowing is such an important and exciting part of the admissions process, but we understand that it is nerve-wracking for your 8th graders too.  Our hope is that Emma’s story might allay any fears that your child might be feeling.

“My Time at Archmere Academy (so far)” by Emma Stovicek ’17                       EmmaStovicek

“Does this look ok?” I wondered at my reflection. As I adjusted my shirt and
nervously tugged at my skirt, I stared at the mirror. The girl in the mirror stared back. She didn’t really look like me, with her collared shirt and plaid skirt. It’s a strange feeling; to look in the mirror and not see yourself. I deftly tied my hair back into my customary ponytail, and walked out my bedroom door, turning off the light as I left. It was time for me to begin my first day at Archmere Academy.

Before talking about my first day of school, I suppose I should talk about the first time I ever truly visited Archmere. I distinctly remember waking up on the morning of my shadow day. It was a cool October day, and I couldn’t wait to start my day as a shadow. I suppose a lot of the elation had to do with the fact that I got to be excused from class at my middle school that day. The feeling of getting to visit an entirely new place with an entirely new set of people was incredibly intoxicating. Of course, it was also stressful. I bit my lip all the way to the shadow drop off sign and was on edge for most of the morning. I got to school and met my buddy, a freshman, and I began my day as a shadow. The day was a blur. I went with my buddy to all of her classes, like art and biology. During her free period she showed me all of the buildings ringing the quad, and I ate lunch in the SLC for the first time. By the end of the day, I felt completely at ease. As I left campus, I found myself realizing that I didn’t want to leave Archmere. For me, that was when I decided I would do whatever it took to get into Archmere.

Now that I’ve been a freshman for over two weeks, I’ve discovered that I’m getting used to the school year. I’ve made lots of new friends, and I’ve had the chance to hang out with old ones that also came to Archmere from my middle school more. I have cross country practice every day after school, but I’ve found that my homework is still manageable. It’s definitely more than what I had in middle school, but it’s not awful. If I could give any advice to eighth graders considering high school options, I would say that you should apply to a school that you could really see yourself attending. Does it have the classes you want? What about electives and extracurriculars? When you shadowed, did you like the teachers and the other students? For me, Archmere definitely came through with all of these things and more. Now when I look in the mirror every day, the girl in the uniform is much more familiar.