Report Cards, Level Changes, and Archmere Night School

Good Morning, Few Readers,

I’m kicking back  and drinking coffee at the Cherry Alley Cafe in Lewisburg, PA.  This is my hometown–go Green Dragons–and this is the best coffee shop in this college town.  Bucknell, by the way.

Anyway, report cards published with no problems.  Our online posting of report cards is so much better than the whole mailing nightmare; the cost alone in envelopes and postage makes this online posting so smart…and convenient.

But do know that any student who wants to level DOWN in a course needs to do so by Friday, November 7.  (Students may not level UP at this point.)  After November, students could only withdraw from a course:  this can only happen if six core classes remain after the withdrawal; a permanent W will appear on the transcript.

I hope you got the email for Archmere Night School.  We’re up to 55 students (parents and alumni) registered, and we have room for so many more.  I’m excited about these two nights…and I need to prepare my own classes, too!

Thanks for checking in.  It’s All Saints’ Day.  Need to know more?  Click here.



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