Norbertine Abbey of Berne Blesses 71st Abbot

Father Denis Hendrickx, O.Praem, 63 years of age, was blessed as the 71st Abbot of Berne Abbey today. The Norbertine community began on August 3, 1134, two months after the death of Saint Norbert – founder of the Order of PrĂ©montrĂ©.

Berne Abbey is the oldest religious community in the Netherlands. The Abbey was founded on the banks of the river Maas by a knight, Fulcold, who would later retire his armor and become a lay brother before dying on April 12, 1149.

Norbertine Abbey of Berne

Gates of Berne Abbey

Abbots Richard Antonucci and Ronald Rossi of Daylesford Abbey were in attendance at today’s abbatial blessing. Abbot Gary Neville of Saint Norbert Abbey also made the transatlantic trip. Both Daylesford Abbey in Paoli, PA and Saint Norbert Abbey in De Pere, WI trace their roots back to Berne Abbey.

– Father McLaughlin

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