Tomb of Saint Norbert at Strahov Abbey

On May 2, 1627, Saint Norbert’s casket was carried in procession into the Church of the Assumption in Strahov Abbey in Prague, Czech Republic. There, it was enthroned in a place of honor above the abbey’s side altar.

Tomb of Saint Norbert

Tomb of Saint Norbert, Strahov Abbey

The festivities in Prague lasted for a whole week, with numerous miracles reported and many people reconciled to the faith.

Saint Norbert was originally buried in Magdeburg, Germany at the time of his death in 1134. His body remained there until it was exhumed on December 3, 1626. His bones were still intact in their original position, and the skin on his face and head was still fresh.

The face of Saint Nobert appears on one side of the Archmere school ring, together with the words, “prepared for every good work.”

– Father McLaughlin

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