Servant of God and Norbert

Today’s Word:

May your priests be clothed with justice; let your faithful ones shout merrily for joy. (Psalm 132:9)

On This Date…


On Feburary 10, 1164, 850 years ago today, Abbot Hugh of Fosses died at the Norbertine Abbey of Prémontré in France at age 70.

He had first met Saint Norbert on March 26, 1119, and was deeply affected by Norbert’s words and way of life. He joined the first Norbertine community in 1121 at Prémontré where he was appointed “prior” (Norbert’s assistant).

When Saint Norbert was made an archbishop in 1126, Hugh was elected as the first abbot, serving until his death. He built the first monastery and the abbey church. Under his guidance, the number of Norbertine monasteries grew to 126.

Prémontré Abbey by Tavernier de Joniquières.

Prémontré Abbey by Tavernier de Joniquières.

Hugh wrote one of the biographies of Saint Norbert. He was gentle and humble of heart. He never used the title abbot, rather servant of God and Norbert.

With the closing of Prémontré during the French Revolution, Abbot Hugh’s remains were safely hidden. In 2010, they were moved to Norbertine Generalate in Rome. On July 13, 1927, Pope Pius XI confirmed the cult of Blessed Hugh.

Today at Mass we pray, “May your priests be clothed with justice; let your faithful ones shout merrily for joy.” We are joyful because of the life and service of Blessed Hugh.

Saint Norbert Oratory Dedicated Sunday – Now Immaculate Conception Oratory

This past Sunday, we celebrated the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. Also called Candlemas and the Feast of the Purification, the feast marks the official end of the Christmas season and represents the fourth Joyful Mystery of the Rosary.

The Immaculate Conception Oratory.

The Immaculate Conception Oratory.

According to Mosaic law (Leviticus 12:2-8), Mary presented her Son at the temple forty days after his birth, which marked the first solemn introduction of Christ into the House of God.

Archmere community members congregated to celebrate Mass Sunday morning in Saint Norbert Oratory, appropriately dedicating the space to the Blessed Virgin and renaming it The Immaculate Conception Oratory and Spirituality Center in Saint Norbert Hall. In 1932, the Priory of Archmere Academy (The Patio) was dedicated to the Immaculate Conception.