The Loaves and Fishes of Their Lives

Today’s Word:

Give them some food yourselves.” (Matthew 14:16)


On This Date…

On August 3, 1134, a Friday, Berne Abbey in Holland was founded, just two months after the death of Saint Norbert.

Berne Abbey sent three Norbertines to America on November 1, 1893. They settled in De Pere, Wisconsin, where they founded Saint Norbert Abbey. A total of 26 Norbertines came to America from Berne, including Abbot Bernard Pennings, O.Praem., the founder of Archmere.

Berne Abbey is the oldest extant religious community in The Netherlands. It currently has 27 priests and brothers.

Berne Abbey

Berne Abbey

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells the apostles regarding the feeding of a vast crowd: “Give them some food yourselves.” For 880 years, the Norbertines of Berne Abbey have been giving the loaves and fishes of their lives, for the care of God’s people. Archmere has been blessed by the Norbertines of Berne Abbey, as well as the Norbertines of De Pere and Daylesford.

– Father McLaughlin