Second Quarter Update, March 2013

Dear Members of the Archmere Community, In this, the second quarterly update on the progress we are making on advancing the Strategic Plan for Archmere Academy, you will see that there is significant momentum in each of five areas of focus identified in the Plan, with particular emphasis in the first six months of the […]

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Passover Supper Central to Both Jewish & Christian Identities

Today’s Word: O God, You have taught me from my youth, and til the present, to proclaim your wondrous deeds. (Psalm 71:17) Today is the first day of the eight-day Jewish Feast of Passover. The Passover commemorates the liberation of … Continue reading

Pope Francis Inaugurated as 266th Pope

Today in Rome Pope Francis was inaugurated as the 266th Pope at a Mass in Saint Peter’s Square before a crowd of 200,000. Pope Francis was elected on March 13, at the age of 76, on the fifth ballot. He … Continue reading

“Pray Hard”

On Wednesday, March 6, there was a flurry of media coverage around the Dow Jones Industrial Average breaking an all-time high – and, as I write this, the average sits at 14,338.81, up 0.3% from the opening bell. This news of economic upswing (even if slight,) provides a contrast to the early days of the […]